How to make your professional dream a reality.

When I first discovered gemstones and the gem trade, the first thing that came into my mind was “how do they cut these tiny stones?” This question led me to discover the lapidary club system and caused me to spend two years riding my bike to the local club almost every day to learn to cut cabochons. Later, that same question led me to buy a series of used faceting machines so that I could hopefully one day master the art of faceting. I dreamt of not only being a gemcutter but a good gemcutter, even possibly maybe a professional…

Constructing an Octophonic Sound Environment

In August of 2016, I teamed up with Scottish artist Katie Anderson to build an immersive sound installation inside a ruined Victorian mansion in Southern Scotland. We got a few grants to help us fund the project and spent a few months getting permission from the owners, planning it, and building it. My main responsibility was building the amp and speakers that would create the sonic environment that we envisioned.

We intended that eight pure sine waves would play through eight fantastic looking speakers placed in different parts of the mansion and would put you into a dream-like state. Katie…

The Museum of Faceting Technology project began in February of 2018. At first it was devised as a personal collection but the scope quickly changed as more machines were acquired and donated. As the collection grew, it began to become a tangible representation of the worldwide culture of gemcutting.

In three years, the museum has acquired 52 machines, faceting heads, and handpieces from 21 different countries. The end goal will be to have at least one style of machine from each country that has a history of faceting. In some cases, such as the United States and Australia, there are…

Initiation. It’s February 2005. I’ve been reading the Tao Te Ching. I’m in a van driving to New England. I’ve sold everything I owned with the intention of starting a new life.

Initiation. It’s August 2015. I’ve been reading the Welsh Merlin Poems. I’m next to a cave on a sacred hill in Scotland. I’ve embarked on a holy pilgrimage in an attempt to interweave the fibers of my heart with the fibers of the Earth.

Initiation. It’s November 2008. I’ve been reading The Invisibles. My perception is outside of space-time while my body lays in a bed next to…

The Pinnacle Photo by Justin K Prim

I spent a lot of time avoiding responsibility because I didn’t want worldly pressures sitting upon my shoulders.

I sought greatness in small things and worked towards personal goals.

When the Tao Te Ching said
“The saint inspires the vitality of all lives, without holding back.
He nurtures all beings with no wish to take possession of.
He devotes all his energy but has no intention to hold on to the merit.
When success is achieved, he seeks no recognition.
Because he does not claim for the credit, hence shall not lose it.”

I listened.

As I grew older, I…

Transforming Red Cambodian Zircon with the Element of Fire

Blue Ratanakiri Zircon Photo Courtesy of Alexey Spirit Yakhlakov

Before the advent of modern science, Renaissance-era proto-scientists known as alchemists thought that they could change the fundamental chemistry of lead through an elaborate and semi-mystical process and purify it into gold. These ancient seekers were doing all sorts of experiments with chemicals and rigorously keeping track of their results in order to be able to share their findings with other alchemists. …

An In-Progress Directory

I thought this would be a very useful list.If you have additions please message me on Facebook or email.


Adamas Facet

American Lapidary Wholesalers

4100 N Powerline Rd Ste I-5 — Pompano Beach, FL 33073


915 Merchant Street, #3, Redding, CA 96002

Arrowhead Lapidary Supply

P.O. Box 247, Wellington, OH 44090

Bernie’s Lapidary Supply

1800 North Broadway, Rochester, MN 55906

Cigar Rock Box

63160 Nels Anderson Rd., Bend, Or 97701

Covington Engineering

715 West Colton Avenue, Redlands, CA 92374

Creative Gems

P.O. Box 852, Crandall, Texas 75114

Ed’s House of Gems

7712 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97213

Facet Shoppe

PO Box 534, Burley, WA, 98322

Facetron — Jarvi Tools

780 East Debra Lane, Anaheim, California 92805…

Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, many talks and shows around the world have been canceled so in the meantime, lets share company with live WEBINARS!

I am currently doing a weekly show with Vincent Pardieu on Wednesday’s at 8pm Bangkok time called Field Gemology Talks

If you missed any of the past webinars they are avaiable on my YouTube Channel!

Main Lecture Title

A Brief History of Colored Gemstone Faceting


Justin K Prim, author and faceting instructor in Bangkok, explores the history of colored gemstone cutting in Europe. Beginning in the 1300’s and taking us on a visual journey through history to…

Starting with the COVID pandemic I have fully embraced being a faceting tv show host and have effectively turned my YouTube channel into FacetingTV. Here are a list of shows for your faceting enjoyment and education.

The Gemcutters Craft

This series contains useful tips and tricks for new and experienced gemcutters. Click the button in the top right corner of the video below to see the full list of episodes.

Gemstone Transformations

These are short videos showing how incredible the transformation can be from rough stone to faceted gem or before and after recutting a gemstone for enhanced beauty. …

Justin K Prim

Gemcutter / Travel Adventurer / Lapidary Historian/ Author of The Heart of Merlin /

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